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C-Results fitness is committed to assisting anyone who wants to change their life through health and fitness. We believe by giving our clients the proper tools, they can not only achieve their goals, but exceed them.

At C-Results there is no “typical client” we will work with you as long as you are dedicated and committed to reaching your goals. We will work with you every step of the way, while holding you accountable to reach the highest levels of health and fitness. Regardless of your current level, whether it be post rehab or professional athlete, we will create a customized training plan to help you get there!

We are your one-stop source for individualzed personal training, weight and body composition management. In addition to eating, nutritional guidance and daily food management, we focus exclusively on you and your needs. No matter what your goals and present state of conditioning we offer a unique physical training experience that you can’t get anywhere else.

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  • I’ve always gone to the gym and thought of myself as a “healthy” eater, but it wasn’t until joining C-Results Fitness that I learned what it actually meant to eat healthy and work out properly. Craig really took the time to understand my personal goals and come up with a customized meal plan for me that didn’t involve any crash dieting.

    Craig also taught me how to work out properly so that I was able to start seeing and feeling results almost immediately. Best part is everyone feels like family here!!

    Carly C.

  • I feel very fortunate having found Craig Caracozza at C-Results Fitness.  I had suffered from a back injury after training with another personal trainer 3 years ago.  I had gained a lot of weight and physically I was very out of shape.

    I had tried to go back to the gym in the 3 years after I had injured myself in hopes of getting stronger and back into shape.  However, I would start a fitness routine and then would reinjure myself again.  I had hired trainers at my local gym who claimed to have experience with a back injury but had no success and I felt like my health was spiraling out of control.

    I heard about Craig through a personal friend who told me that he had helped her with her back.  She said that he had a lot of experience dealing with people who had suffered from injuries.  I thought here we go again…another trainer “claiming to have expertise in back injuries.”  This was my last hope.

    I have been training with Craig for the past seven months and I am amazed about how far I have come since I first started.  I never thought I would be able to lift weights, run, or take a spin class ever again.  I am happy to say that now I can do all three.   I would have not ever been able to do this without Craig’s help.

    Craig is a true professional and he inspires you to succeed and to strive for your goals.  I have worked with many trainers at gyms throughout NJ; there is no trainer like Craig and I would highly recommend him to anyone.

    Andrea M.

  • I thought I knew what eating right and working out with a trainer meant, but after taking a deep look inside I realized I was not doing or getting what was really needed to be healthy and fit. I had used a personal trainer for years and “thought” I was making the right food choices. It turns out that Craig and C Results Fitness changed all of the past and really made me face my future.

    Craig taught me that you don’t need to lift heavy weight to see huge differences. You need to establish a work out regimen that fits your body type and needs. That’s the difference with Craig and C-Results, he takes the time to examine your current body and what it can and can’t do and develop work outs that target problem areas, areas where muscles needs to develop and areas where fat needs to go away.

    At the beginning of this process, I told Craig I would dedicate 1 year of my life to making and getting healthy. I mean I did not get unhealthy overnight. I needed that amount of time to make permanent changes. We are into our 2nd year and I could not be happier, feeling better and more confident. I have established new goals as I get closer to that milestone birthday of 40. I want to be able to complete one unassisted pull up and fit into the same size I was when I was 20.

    We are tweaking my diet to accomplish this goal, by incorporating Craig’s shakes either 2 or 3 times a day, I know I am going to hit my age 20 weight and size. I owe this amazing change to Craig and C Results. The support has been tremendous and his style makes you want to do the right thing.

    Tracy A.

  • I am 66 years young and have been exercising for the past 8 years prior to that it was on and off.

    I was a long distance runner when I first came to Craig and thought I was in good condition, but I had developed some significant pain in my left leg and foot. After seeing a couple of doctors, who did not help I was getting worried that I would need to live with this condition

    At the first session Craig diagnosed my problems (which were a poor running mechanic and  weak left leg Quad and Glute muscles). We then  started focusing on strengthening these areas. After a few weeks the pain was gone and I was running again. I continue to work with Craig to improve overall muscle strength as well as get guidance on improving my nutrition.

    Rich A.